Innovation Skills Profile 2.0 Released

The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre For Business Innovation has released Innovation Skills Profile 2.0 (ISP 2.0) that define an individual’s skills, attitudes, and behaviours that contribute to an organization’s innovation performance.

The innovation skills profile is available in a condensed form to make it easy to build into performance management systems, have discussions with employees, employees to self assess, and clarify expectations if as a business you want to adopt innovation as a strategy.

Skills are organized under four main categories:

  • Creativity, Problem Solving, and Continuous Improvement Skills;
  • Risk Assessment and Risk-Taking Skills;
  • Relationship Building and Communication Skills; and
  • Implementation Skills.

Subheadings also group skills by how individuals should ‘act and contribute’ and ‘manage and support others’.

Overall a great tool to clarify employee expectations if a business has adopted innovation as a strategy and is intended to complement broader innovation initiatives focusing on innovation supportive cultures, structure, processes, and leadership.

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